We have developed 2 custom-built robots that if combined greatly improves the cleaning and coating process.


We offer a range of environmentally friendly coatings that both extends the life of the airvent while also improving the overall performance.

Benefits for using a Coatable product in your business

Energy efficiency

Coatables solutions for sealing ducts and pipes reduce leakages which are present even in new ventilation systems. These leakages account for a substantial excess use of energy to maintain adequate indoor temperatures whether used for heating or cooling.

When leakages are properly sealed the amount of energy wasted through inefficient ventilation systems can be dramatically reduced. Depending on the specific ventilations system customers can expect a minimum 15% reduction of energy cost consumed by heating or cooling which contributes to lesser CO2 emissions and a greener footprint.

The Coatable solutions are tested by the Danish Technological Institute – get in touch to learn more.

Operational efficiency

Over time ventilation ducts and pipes accumulate dirt and rust which makes them less effective and shortens their life span. The more hazardous environments ventilations systems are exposed to the shorter expected lifespan will be. Replacing and cleaning is a cumbersome labour intensive process involving toxins and chemical vapors and it is therefore preferable to improve the lifetime of ducts and pipes as much as possible.

Coatable uses the patent pending ECO Blitzcleaner robot to remove, dust, dirt and rust fast and efficiently without the use of any environmentally harmful chemicals

After cleaning Coatable use the VC50 Coating which entails an anticorrosive formula to seal the ventilation system, which effectively inhibits further rust development and extend the lifetime of ducts and pipes with minimum 20 years. The coated ducts and pipes are now also much easier to clean as dust and dirt not as easily is collected on the coated surfaces.

The VC50 coating also protects against solvents in the range from pH3 – pH 12 and as such a coating solutions from Coatable will improve the lifetime of ventilations systems even in hazardous environments like pharma production, chemical production, and offshore.

Fire Retardant

The VC50 and SC50 coatings are both fire retardant, reducing the spread of smoke and fire in case of a fire outbreak thereby increasing human safety. It means people will have longer time to off-board an operation and there will be better opportunities for controlling the fire-outbreak

This is of particular critical importance in both commercial and private maritime vessels, offshore rigs and in chemical operations where a fire outbreak has potentially drastic consequences.

As part of the strongly increased focus on energy efficiency there is a rising demand for establishment of heat recovery systems in residential buildings. Such systems often require the use of existing guideways where it is mandatory to isolate these guideways with fire retardant material.

The Coatable solutions are tested by DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology – get in touch to learn more.

Safety and ease of use

The coatings from Coatable are environmentally friendly and as shown in tests from the Danish Technological Institute release of any VOC are significantly below approved thresholds.

As the coating seals leakages in a ventilation system, it also reduces the spread of virus, bacteria, and mold which in turn contributes to improve the air quality and limit the impact of future pandemics in indoor environments Downtime is very limited when applying coating to the inner surface of ventilation systems. Section can closed down separately leaving room for partly maintaining operations while ducts and pipes are being coated.

1-2 hours after application the coating is surface dry and the ventilation system can be turned on again and operations depending on the ventilation system can be fully resumed.